My Natural Hair Journey

Happy Monday True Beauties!

I’ve decided I wanted my first post on my second attempt at blogging to be about my second attempt at going natural. The number one reason I decided to go natural was because I was tired of the dry, limp hair I had from relaxers. My hair lacked personality and I’ve always loved that wash and go curly look. With a relaxer, my curls were lifeless and I hated that. I experienced A LOT of breakage while my hair was relaxed. I would literally see thousands (exaggeration of course) of broken strands of hair on the floor in my bathroom after styling my hair. This to me was definitely not attractive. Especially, if you have any “guy friends” you want to come around your place frequently. Girl you know what I’m talking about when you’re trying to impress a new beau. LOL. Now, looking back (they say hindsight’s twenty-twenty), I’m sure I could have prevented the breakage by taking better care of my hair and spacing out my relaxers more, but to be honest I just never had the proper knowledge of caring for my hair.  Oh yea, dyeing my hair probably wasn’t contributing to the health of it either. Anyways, on to a quick slideshow detailing my journey. Enjoy the show!

My Natural Hair Journey Slideshow:

Are you considering going natural? Leave me a comment on your thoughts. I would love to hear your stories!